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When we created US Sports Gear our number one priority is the player. We all love the sports we play but getting equipment for the sport we play is often difficult or expensive, that is where US Sports Gear comes in.

We have created relationships with manufactures in the USA who will ship product direct to your door in Australia at a price that is affordable. Customer service is provided by a team of dedicated people located in Australia who have played your sport too and are experts in the products we sell.

US Sports Gear provide equipment for Gridiron, Baseball, Softball and Lacrosse, but this is just the beginning. We will be adding more supplier and more sports over the coming months and years.

Our focus is the player, everything we do is designed so the player will benefit, so Shop Now…


I recently purchased a Schutt Vengeance Z10 with titanium facemask from US Sports Gear, for the last two seasons I have had my trusty Riddell and didn’t really considering getting anything else. However this helmet is unbelievable.

The helmet interior is exceptionally comfortable and the titanium facemask is incredibly light. I was a bit dubious about not having something that felt heavy solid on my head but had my first full hitting session in it last night and the helmet performed amazingly.

I would highly recommend this helmet for any level of player, in terms of the service within 5 days of paying for my order I had it delivered to my door and it was easily tracked. The team at US sports gear were extremely helpful in assisting me in facemaks selection and recommendations for what helmet I should get based on my position.

Taran M - Melbourne